Live eel found on dry land next to England home’s back door

An animal rescuer in England responded to an unusual situation when a homeowner found an eel flopping around on their doorstep.

The RSPCA said inspector Sarah Morris was called to a Plymouth, England, home where a resident discovered an eel on dry land by the back door.

“This was not your usual type of animal rescue call,” Morris said in an RSPCA news release.

Morris said she initially thought the resident must have confused a slow worm for an eel, but after talking to them about their discovery she became convinced it was an actual eel.

“On arrival, I went to the back garden and found a pink child’s paddling pool where the finder had kindly placed the eel until I arrived,” she said. “In 24 years of being an inspector, I’ve never had a call about an eel out of water!’

Morris loaded the eel into a small fish tank and drove it to the nearest estuary for release.

She said the eel’s journey to dry land is a mystery, but “the most likely reason would have been that it was dropped there by a heron or other such bird.”